SEO Norway

Omega Media is a Norwegian-American SEO and web development consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. Since its humble origins in 2004, Omega Media has worked for international brands such as Warner Bros., Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Sony Playstation and Procter&Gamble. Today Omega Media has seven employees in Norway and four employees in Ukraine.

We work closely together with our international clients to help them grow their online presence through SEO strategy and analysis, localized content production, technical SEO and Norwegian link building. We’re experts when it comes to SEO Norway.

If you’re in need of strategic thinking boots on the ground in Norway, look no further. Omega Media is your go-to agency as far as localized SEO efforts and Norwegian link building is concerned.

Want to chat? Hit us up. Contact us via our online form for a friendly chat about SEO Norway and how we can help you grow your online presence in Norway and the Scandinavian countries.