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Du må alltid ha minst tre forskjellige kilder til trafikk innpå ditt nettsted.

How to Segment Your Traffic Sources for Continual Growth

Erling Løken Andersen

Postet i Growth Hacking av Erling Løken Andersen
August 21, 2017. No Comments

Once a business starts to generate steady daily sales and builds a small customer base, they often end up at a plateau and strongly lose momentum. They try spending more money on ads, which may work for a few weeks, but eventually their customer acquisition flattens out. To grow your business in a linear and […]

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook og You Tube brukes som markedsføringskanaler gjennom opinionsdannere.

Influencer Marketing: How to Do It Right

Influencer marketing seems to be one of the biggest marketing buzzwords in 2017 – and for good reason. Up until recently, only the biggest brands in the world were able to leverage influencers to promote their brand and products because of the insane costs involved. Fast forward to the present day and it’s never been […]

CRO - konverteringsoptimalisering. Slik får du opp konverteringsraten til ditt nettsted.

4 Ways to Instantly Improve the CRO of Your Landing Pages

Chances are you’ll have come across case studies in the past where a business changed the color of their call to action from blue to red and increased conversions by 35%. While that does happen from time to time, in most cases if you only change the color of your call to action, or use […]

How to Growth Hack SEO to Rank #1 for Keywords

Ranking your business on the first page of Google for an industry-related keyword can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in sales revenue. As you have probably already realized, some keywords are easier to rank for than others, with the more difficult terms taking months or sometimes even years for you to rank on […]

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